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Bravo Bail Bonds leads the way with confidence, experience and knowledge of the bail bond business. We are productive, professional, and provide ethical service to our clients. Privacy and our knowledge of the jail/court/ bail system have eased our clients through their difficult times. Our agents will strive to treat all clients with the respect and understanding they deserve.

Bravo Bail Bonds agents are bilingual (Spanish) and are trained experts in the field. We have an agent network throughout the nation to bail out anyone from anywhere. We offer payment plans, signature bonds, and accept major credit cards. For your convenience we operate 24/7 and will accommodate to all your bail needs.

Bail Bonds Explained.

A bail bond is a way a defendant can obtain the release from custody while awaiting trial for criminal charges. In other words, Bail Bonds let the defendant out of jail so the they can prepare for court and go about their daily lives.

Case is

The bail amount is predetermined for each crime by a document: the bail schedule. Certain cases may not be eligible for bail based on severity of the crime or other determining factors.

The discretion of the judge may also make a defendant ineligible to be released on bail based on high risk for skipping bail as well as other factors.

It is important to remember that every case is different, and judges have a great deal of leeway in setting the amount of bail as well as holds on the defendant.

How does a Bail Agent help?

A bail agent is the best option for those looking to have a friend or loved one released from jail, without having to pay the full bail amount.

Pay a Fraction
of the Total Bail

The State of California allows a bail agent to pay the entire amount of the defendants bail to the court.

In exchange for this service, a fraction of the total bail bond amount is what the defendant or friend of defendant will pay to the agent.

The defendant must appear to all scheduled court dates.

The bond itself secures the release of the defendant from custody.

The bail transaction itself is the defendants promise.

The promise to the bail bond agent that the defendant will appear to court as required. If the defendant fails to appear, the collateral provided by the defendant or their friend or family may be lost.


If the bail amount is high enough, the defendant or friend of defendant may be required to sign a car, house, and/or other valuables to the bond agreement.

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